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 Cell Phone Rental Package:
TripTel Mobile Phone Rental cell phone rental package Features:
-No minimum usage or VAT taxes!
-GSM Cellular Phone with Battery
-Extra Instant Charge Battery
-Travel Adapters & Wall Charger
-In Car Charger (cigarette light adapter)
-Cell Phone Belt Clip
-Prepaid FedEx Return Envelope
-Dialing Instruction Card
Planning for travel can be tiring - we're here to help.

 Japan Voice Solution Equipment Rates:  Japan Service Rates (per minute):
  Daily Rental $10.00
  Weekly Rental $50.00
  Monthly Rental $149.00
  Insurance (per day; optional) $3.00
  Shipping (optional; starting from) $20.00
Incoming calls: $1.79
Outgoing (in Japan): $1.79
Outgoing (outside Japan): $1.79
Rates include all fees and VATs
Enjoy no roaming, minimums, or other surcharges!
TripTel Mobile Phone Rentals: keeping customers connected with peace of mind since 1985! -1.3 megapixel built-in camera to shoot photos and video
-Photo capabilities
-Music capabilities
-Video capabilities
-24-hour customer care
-Custom voice mail
-State of the art quadband GSM phones

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