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Mobile WiFi, SIM cards, and
cell phone rentals - since 1985

TripTel offers several plans to keep you connected while you travel:

  • Cell phone rentals (voice)
  • Smartphone rentals (voice + data)
  • SIM cards
  • Unlocked cell phones
  • WiFi hotspot devices

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Reserve your mobile phone rental or travel solution early to take advantage of:

  • Savings with Google Coupons and online promotional rates
  • Convenience: get your mobile number ahead of time
  • Expedite your cell phone rental pickup at the airport
Save money and enjoy a more convenient cell phone rental or wireless solution by reserving your wireless solution before you depart!

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TripTel makes renting a cell phone, WiFi hotspot, or purchasing a SIM card easy. You can receive and return your communications solution in any of the following ways:

  • Directly at one of our airport locations
  • Shipping via FedEx

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Products > France Cell Phone Rental & SIM Card Packages:

Cell Phone Rental Packages
Cell phone rental packages include everything you need for your travel:
  • Cell phone
  • Travel adaptors
  • Cell phone holster/belt clip
  • Cell phone AC charger
  • Cell Phone car charger
  • Prepaid FedEx return envelope
TripTel has NO minimum usage for cell phone rentals - ideal for emergency usage or unlimited e-mail usage.
TripTel offers two cell phone rental packages:
(1) Voice Only      (2) Voice + Data

SIM Card Packages
SIM cards can be used with certain phones to make calls while abroad.
  • Includes as US and UK number
  • Rates below are for receiving calls and SMS to the UK number
  • SIM card does not expire as long as service is used once every 6 months
Incoming Calls (per minute) FREE TripTel cell phone rentals: the complete rental package including all adapters, chargers, etc.
Incoming SMSFREE
Outgoing Calls (per minute)$0.49
Data (per MB)$1
Connection Fee$0.35

SIM card does not expire as long as service is used once every 6 months.

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